Overdue Comments on Bush’s RNC Speech

But then again, I could be wrong...I was listening to Bush’s RNC acceptance speech the other night, and I couldn’t help thinking that the big multi-purpose question for almost every issue Dubya touched on is, “So who picks up the tab?”

As I listened to his aw-shucks good-ol’-boy rhetoric, I found myself getting sucked into the cesspool-like vortex of the swirling promise pit and thinking, well, if it really were possible to fight active wars on multiple fronts that were moral and necessary; simultaneously cutting taxes while not raising deficits, sacrificing education, or exacerbating the gap between rich and poor; and we could make sure that Social Security and Medicare were going to be around for the people that were promised them, without cutting benefits; and the next generation (i.e., me) really could bank their retirements in a private investment with a better guaranteed return without leaving an umpteen-billion dollar hole in the existing programs; well, hell, yeah, I’d vote for this guy – but it’s all a not-very-well-woven fabric of lies, and I’d like to know who’s getting the payoff, and who’s really picking up the tab?

Them beautiful sheeps’s got the stink of wolf all over ’em, and we can’t afford to be na&#239ve. It’s not too late to register and vote. I would say, “for anybody but Bush,” but you really do need to vote for Kerry. You do the math.