Night OwlI’ve thought of another personality category to add to the mix: morning people vs. night-owls.

I myself sit squarely in the latter camp, dear reader.

To extend my blatant and perhaps unfair stereotyping of the showering dog people, I think they mostly tend to be morning people as well. It just seems to me that the people who run the world are dog people who like to get up bright and early and take a shower. And by run the world, I mean simply that they set up these ridiculous situations where you need to get up at 4:00 a.m. to get to the airport, or you’re actually expected to do something constructive before noon on a day to day basis. Oh yeah, and the one that really bugs me – they get to say it’s an hour earlier when it’s already getting dark before six, just so it’s lighter earlier in the morning, but then it’s already dark when you get off work – what’s that all about?