Having enjoyed an excellent Reuben sandwich as we blew through San Francisco yesterday, I’m vacationing in Bodega Bay this week with my family and my parents, and the in-laws are coming over to meet us tomorrow.

I’m posting a few pictures of some things we’ve seen the last couple of days, like this sea lion that hangs out around the fishing docks across the street from our rental. One of the crusty old salty dogs out on the pier says this good ol’ boy grabbed him and pulled him underwater and thrashed him up against a wall. Then he went off on a harangue (and I never thought I’d ever actually need to use that word, but that’s what it was, all right) about how he was beating the thing with a piece of PVC pipe and the game warden came up and told him he had to stop or he’d be arrested, at which point his comments quickly degraded, becoming completely inappropriate for our 4-year old’s beautiful little-girl ears.

We also saw this old tabby cat who is apparently authorized to drive a forklift, as he seemed right at home behind the wheel. He was hoisting around some big plastic vats of live crabs when we first came upon him, but he was kind enough to pause for a second and pose for a picture or two.

We ended the day with a visit to a secluded cove that was perfect for soaking up the sea air and getting our toes wet. (It was way too cold to swim today, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.)