Today we got a couple of notices from the Enron bankruptcy hearings. See, back when California became deregulated, before all the hoopla about Enron and the California energy crisis, we actually switched from our regular PG&E service to an Enron ‘Green Energy’ account, where even though we were getting exactly the same electricity from PG&E’s wire, our (extra) dollars were supposed to be contributing to increased use of Hydro, Bio, Wind, and Geothermal energy supplies. It’s just another one of those crazy tithing things we do to avoid having too much money laying around all the time.

I don’t speak legalese, but this appears to be a request from Enron saying that they’d like to consider that anybody who has a claim with them for their misconduct is entitled to somewhere between $0 and $1, unless they claim otherwise before 9/22, so I’m thinkin’, hey, what if I had a cleverly worded letter that says, in effect, ‘No, I’d like to claim that you owe me $300.’ ?

Anybody out there know how this thing really works?

Our 4-year old is somewhat of a prodigy. Last night I asked her what five and five is, and she hesitated a moment and said ‘ten.’ I asked her what two and three was, and she said ‘five.’ Then she said, ‘Daddy, can we do the other kind of math?’ and I said, ‘What kind of math is that, sweetie?’ and she said, ‘You know Daddy… Times. Like 2 times 3,’ so I said, ‘OK, what is 2 times 3, and she hesitated and said, ‘six.’ We did this a couple more times, then I asked her, ‘So, when I say what’s five and five, and you hesitate, what are you thinking?’ and she thought a little while and said, ‘I’m mostly thinking, “No, it’s not 8… No, it’s not 9… Is it 10? YES!”‘

We’ve started watching the Simpsons again on late-night television, and tonight’s was a great episode where Ned Flanders’ house gets obliterated by a hurricane (how apropos) but the rest of Springfield escapes unscathed. Then they have a flashback to when Ned’s Beatnik parents took him in for anger management, and they say to the psychologist, “We’ve tried nothin’, man, and we’re all out of ideas.”

Survivor‘s here! We watched the premiere this evening, and once again, we’re excited about Survivor. Tonight’s highlight? The ‘Morgan’ tribe had agreed that since Osten was having such a hard time keeping his pants on (and apparently doesn’t know that ‘Austin’ would be better), if they started to slip off, the other two ‘main’ guys would drop their drawers as well.

So, during the first Immunity Challenge, the guy’s pants start to fall down, and Andrew and Ryan O. take theirs off too. At this point, we have the classic quote of the first show, when Jon ‘Fairplay’ Dalton (because he ‘doesn’t play fair’) yells, ‘MOVE SOME ROCKS, JERKS!’