Night before last, our precocious little girl asked me one of life’s truly great questions. I should mention that she’s in the habit now of prefacing all of her questions with a dramatic, ‘Daddy? Can I ask you a question?’ and a lot of the time it’s just, ‘can I have another juice box?’ But two nights ago, the question was, ‘Where did the first man and the first woman come from?’ (Yikes! I didn’t see that one coming.)

I told her there were basically two ideas about where they came from. ‘Some people believe that God made the first man and woman, and their names were Adam and Eve,’ says I. Next question, of course, is, ‘Daddy? Who made God?’ Hoo-boy, we’re raising a philosopher here folks.

Then I told her that other people believe that life started by itself and got more and more complex over millions of years, and that that’s called evolution. She didn’t have much to say about that, yet.