coverI’ve been listening to this new Fountains of Wayne CD I just bought called Welcome Interstate Managers, and it is fantastic. They sound a lot like The Cars did in their better years, but also pretty Beatle-y, and a lot like my music sounds in my head before it gets out and I screw it all up. I bought mine at the record store next door for $18.95 to try to help them stay in business, but I’d encourage you to click on the picture and buy one from Amazon right now for $12.99.

Our local Albertson’s has had 1 lb. chubs of ground turkey on sale for $1 each, so last night I fixed us up some turkey burgers. I’ve been in the habit of thinking that ground turkey is leaner than hamburger, and the label on the chub said, “50% Less Fat than Hamburger!” But I checked it against the label on the ground beef chubs we buy from Costco, and the turkey had about 33% more fat than the beef – guess the 50% less claim is for the old-fashioned 30% fat hamburger that I grew up with, and not the 10 – 15% stuff we usually buy.

We’ve been having a problem with little moths getting into our cupboards and getting little wormies in our flour, rice, etc., so we’ve been putting in these pheremone lure ‘pantry pest traps’ to try to capture them. But there seem to be more moths everywhere in our house than we’ve ever had, and I’m becoming convinced that the pheremones are attracting way more extra moths than the traps are catching. It’s an interesting Catch-22, and I’ve also wondered often if those electric bug-zappers don’t just attract more bugs to your yard.

As a seller of audiobooks, I was at a convention of my audiobook industry peers awhile back, and I told someone there that as the popularity of audiobooks continues to grow, we should consider an ad campaign based around the slogan, “Audiobooks… Not Just for Blind People Anymore!” and she had a cow. She went on to tell me that as an audio producer, she had recorded numerous programs for “Books for the Blind,” and that it was extremely important to say “people who can’t see” instead of “blind people,” because it stresses that the afflicted parties are people first.

Well, here’s what the National Federation for the Blind has to say about it: The Pitfalls of Political Correctness: Euphemisms Excoriated. (Special thanks to Sunny Place for the link.)

Turns out people don’t wash their hands about 25% of the time in U.S. airport restrooms (blech! What are they thinking!?), but they do much better when there’s been a SARS outbreak: Excite – News.

While we’re on the topic of airports and public safety, here’s something that’s just plain scary: Color-coded Travel Badges.

Here are a few more pics from Bodega Bay – sure looks like fun! (Click for bigger pics.)

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