Our 4-year old is somewhat of a prodigy. Last night I asked her what five and five is, and she hesitated a moment and said ‘ten.’ I asked her what two and three was, and she said ‘five.’ Then she said, ‘Daddy, can we do the other kind of math?’ and I said, ‘What kind of math is that, sweetie?’ and she said, ‘You know Daddy… Times. Like 2 times 3,’ so I said, ‘OK, what is 2 times 3, and she hesitated and said, ‘six.’ We did this a couple more times, then I asked her, ‘So, when I say what’s five and five, and you hesitate, what are you thinking?’ and she thought a little while and said, ‘I’m mostly thinking, “No, it’s not 8… No, it’s not 9… Is it 10? YES!”‘

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